Our premium quality neon signs are made from long lasting, durable LED neon piping fused onto a clear acrylic backing. At Neon Heaven, we give you the option to choose whether your acrylic backing will be cut to shape around the lettering, or cut to a square/rectangular board. Take a look at our picture guide below to see what the difference between 'Cut to square' and 'Cut to shape' backing looks like.

For set designs, the fonts and styles are already set. Fallen in love with one of our set designs, but not so keen on the font? We can produce pretty much any font available, just head over to our custom page and submit a request. We are also able to produce more detailed custom orders which include logos, images, text, letters & more. 

Each sign (custom or pre-set design) comes standard with a remote control which can be used to dim the light (or make it brighter), switch it on and off, and program the light to flash/glow in multiple patterns. We recommend using these wall hanging strips (click here to view) to hang your sign as they are easy to use and are non-invasive for your walls. Follow the instructions of the method & product you use to hang the neon sign. If you have any further questions, please let us know at

Backing Guide.jpg
Size Guide.png


Our width measurements relate to the size of the neon (not the acrylic backing) at its widest point. Refer to this general size guide to help with your order. Please note, this is only a rough guide and if you need more help please contact our support team at who will be more than happy to help you!